Now is the time to explain our principles and rules.

This is a public notice and you can not expect to find the entire details of our work here.

The Thule Society is obliged to follow the rules of every single nation.

We reject “internationalism” for the purposes of egalitarianism.

We shall study and learn in all things Occult becoming Adepts thereby.

Every nation and every person in that nation has a very special value and position in the world.

Hence, it makes no sense to calculate the values or to hold one value higher than another value.

Our internationalism is Inter-National.

The word Nation stands for the concepts of CULTURE, HONOR and PRIDE.

In the age of decadence and stock exchanges; our values are attempted to be taken away from us!

However, this will not be possible!

The ranking membership has just as much a voice to be heard as The honorable founder of Thule.

That should be absolutely clear.

In this context it is again pointed out that our founder, Baron von Sebottendorf, had even adopted the Turkish nationality.

Dues are set at: $125.00 annually, payable through Paypal.
U.S. Requirements:

-You cannot be a Felon.

-You must be at least 18 years of age.

-You must be able to provide us with a copy of your current
valid photo
government issued identification accompanied with your electronic petition.
(Your private information is kept strictly confidential)

-You must be an upstanding citizen in your community.

-You must have a belief in a higher superior power Therefore you cannot be an atheist, we pride ourselves
on membership consisting that of people composed of having a mutual belief in the existence of a higher
power (Whichever God it may be to the candidate makes no difference to us).

-You cannot harbor views to overthrow the Government.

-You must be a law abiding citizen worthy of the degrees of The Thule

-You must be productively employed able to pay your annual dues.

-You must be religiously tolerant, as we are composed of many different walks of faith and
we hold a mutual respect for our fellow brothers/sisters and their chosen religion.

-You must not harbor any prejudice against any other races.

-You must not be a supporter of Nazism or Adolph Hitler.

-You must not harbor negative opinions or views regarding the Occult studies we undergo
and participate with, as we are an Occult organization and we do not mask this factor,
Thus we discourage any Christianity views from being shared with others within the order.
Please note that once your initial dues have been submitted, then your electronic petition will be promptly emailed to you.

Thereafter, a thorough review of your petition is made, then a vote is taken, This process can take up to 30 days
depending upon when the next stated communications are held which those times do vary, should you
not be elected for
membership, then your dues at that time will be
fully refunded back to you.

If you are
accepted, then at that time further instructions will be emailed to you, with our telephone contact information, you
will also be issued an official Thule dues card with your own unique registration number on it.

Once you have submitted your dues for petitioning then please send an email to:
jarl-vidar@thule-society.org from the
same email address you used for your PayPal account; stating your name, and date that you submitted your dues, so that
whenever possible we can expedite the process. Note: if you do not email us after submitting dues for application then it
still will be processed guaranteed, although it may take slightly longer.

Also note in case you are unfamiliar with PayPal it is a third party secured payment processing service so we never have
access to your financial information. It is very easy to setup up a PayPal account it only requires a current valid email
address and the rest of the simple process is explained in further detail at PayPal's website, Thank you.
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All religions, races and sexual orientation are welcome to petition Thule for membership; we are a fair equal opportunity
organization and we do not discriminate against any persons petitioning Thule for acquired membership.

So please carefully consider joining us today to further your Occult enlightenment
We Are Not Accepting New Membership At This Time.
The next open enrollment period has been set to commence in the Late Summer 2014 /
Early Autumn 2015 seasons, this enrollment period shall be open for 14 days total.
This does
exclude all referrals sent from any current good standing members.
Exact dates will be announced prior to the open enrollment period.
No further information is available at this time.
Please follow this link to make payment >>>
New Membership is Closed At This Time.
(Check or Money Order is also accepted by Mail, please email secretary for more details.)


All degree formats & by-laws will soon be changed
beginning in the 2014 calender year.

The new formatting shall be set so that all membership
will be working by the magical formula of the Aeon.

New membership requirements
will also be implemented.

More public information will soon be available.